Welcome to my website, I’ll take you through some of my journey through grief and how Reiki and walking Tilly have helped me.

I hope you will enjoy my photo’s and see how we are managing our grief.

I wish I could say I can help you completely get over your grief, I can help you live with it, I will share what has helped me through the different stages of grief and rebuild my life and live again, enjoy life again.

Reiki has supported me for about 10 years now and I trained and became a Reiki Master myself back in 2012 and am currently learning to be a Reiki Master Teacher. Never has Reiki been so important to me as it has after my husbands death. Although for 18 months after his death I didn’t give Reiki to anyone else I still used it on myself almost daily. Now it has helped me get back on my feet and ready to help others by giving ¬†Reiki again.