The little things

On days like today it’s the little things that make me happy and that is some of the secret to getting through grief. Firstly my daughter is home, I love having her home, it gives me a bit of my old self back, someone to look after, although she looks after me too, I never…Read more »

Happy Birthday

Today is my late Husbands Birthday, he should have been celebrating turning 44, but it’s the third birthday he hasn’t been here, so remains forever 41. The first couple of years I’m not going to lie, his birthday and other anniversaries have been hard, especially the firsts, this year however, I have welled up a…Read more »

Walk in the drizzle!

Well today’s widow walk didn’t go as planned but what does! We went for a walk in the drizzle and were joined by our neighbour and one of Tilly’s best doggy friends! It’s still beautiful, I still grounded myself with every step in my welly boots and the views as always were amazing, even with…Read more »