By combining the Feng Shui and Reiki for your home you can create a place that works for you, energising areas that need it and bringing relaxation to other areas.

Feng Shui is based on the ancient Chinese art of using the elements, earth, fire, water, wood and metal for your home and/or workplace to bring balance and harmony to your home or workplace.

By using Reiki energy healing system along with Feng Shui we can balance the elements  and energies in your home and life to make them work for you. Using a pendulum to help dowse for stale or negative energy to bring it back up to to be useful and helpful energy.

The results are amazing, I love the experience and so do my clients. You can feel the energy lifting, moving, and your home is working with you, helping you move forward.

It is well known that a good de-clutter is one of the best exercise’s for you and your home. Clutter can hold old unhelpful energy, holding you back. If your home is just untidy it can interfere with focus.

If you have been bereaved and can’t face the thought of moving their personal belongings on your own, I can help. It can be such a hard thing to have to do and can take months and sometimes years to face up to. This does not mean you have to throw or give everything away, not at all, you actually need to keep some items for memories. We can talk it through and sort out at your own pace. This process is about you and helping you move forward, that doesn’t mean forgetting.

A good de-clutter will improve the energy in your home and improve the flow of helpful energy. Less clutter in the house the less clutter in your mind, helping relieve stress and making you feel calmer and more in control.

During the consultation, we will have a chat about what you require, I will make notes throughout the visit (it’s a good idea for you to as well), I will give advice on some basic Feng Shui, carry out some Reiki on the home, energy balance on you and family members as required, this is done using Reiki and dowsing with a pendulum. I bring a singing bowl to also help balance and bring up the energy as required (it gives the neighbours something to talk about when we’re in the garden)! We will follow up with a call and short written report for you to keep.

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