Reiki, I love it! It has supported me for around 10 years now since I had my first treatment, it was a last resort for me and only wish I had tried it sooner. It can reduce stress hugely, help you feel calmer and see things more clearly therefore making life that little bit easier again. Reiki is suitable for everyone and if you haven’t tried it before can I suggest you do now!

Reiki (ray key) is Japanese for Universal Life Energy, a natural healing system. Hands are placed on or above the body where ever the Reiki is required the most, energy is given, or, if necessary taking away any unhelpful energies.

I use Reiki intuitively, following the rules and guidelines of Reiki but not a set pattern as taught by many, I don’t like to be restricted by rules! I find that too restrictive for what is a natural healing system it should feel natural to do, not set out as a must follow pattern.

During a treatment you will remain fully clothed, you may see colours, images, feel hot, cold, tingling sensation, gurgling stomach as the energy moves around. Some people will cry, laugh, talk a lot or not talk at all, some may feel nothing, most will feel sleepy (even fall asleep) and fully relaxed. Each session will be different depending on your needs at that time.

For me, I don’t get tired (it’s not my energy) my hands get boiling hot regularly as the energy passes through. I can feel where energy is needed or if it is in the wrong place, occasionally I’ll get names, places or a sense of something you need to know. We’ll go through all relevant information at the end of each session.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher so can teach you how to use Reiki for yourself and others, details of courses will be coming soon.

Combine Feng Shui and Reiki and you will be amazed the difference using these together can make.

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